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TBMCE 2019 Conference
Portoro┼ż, Slovenia 24-25 Oct 2019


TBMCE 2019

24-25 October 2019
Greand Hotel Bernardin, Portoro┼ż, Slovenia

Submission of full manuscripts for TBMCE 2019 is now open. You are kindly invited to submit your manuscript through the ConfOrganizer system.

Full manuscript submission:

Manuscripts must be submitted through the online ConfOrganizer system and prepared according to the TEMPLATE
To submit full manuscript please follow these instructions:

  1. In your Dashboard click on the "Submit the extended abstract" link below the title of your abstract
  2. Choose the file
  3. Click on the "Submit the extended abstract" button
  4. If you have submitted more than one abstract, repeat steps (1-3) for each submitted abstract

Checking the uploaded file:
You can check the uploaded file by clicking on the "download" link below the content of your abstract.
Replacing the uploaded file:
You can replace the file until the Full manuscript submission deadline (October 15th 2019). To do so:
  • Click on the abstract title in your dashboard
  • In the "Abstract" field below the "Help" tab (top right corner of the screen) click on the "Submit the extended abstract" link. Repeat steps 2 and 3.

Please note the following important points:

Hard Facts

  • Your submission should be written in English
  • The manuscript should be at least 6 pages long (title page + 5 or more pages)


The manuscript must contain the following elements:
  • Title
  • List of Authors and their Affiliations
  • Abstract (at most 150 words)
  • 5 keywords
  • Main text

The recommended structure of the main text is:
  • Introduction - indicate the background and the purpose of the study or hypothesis that was tested
  • Methods - a brief desription of the methods, approaches, analyses, etc. used in the study
  • Results - present as clearly as possible the main outcomes of the study
  • Conclusions - briefly discuss and emphasize the significance of the results
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