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TBMCE 2019 Conference
Portoro┼ż, Slovenia 24-25 Oct 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Before asking your question, please be sure that the answer is not already given here. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

How do I include images in my abstract?

At the moment it is not possible to include tables and images in your abstract. We are looking at a possible solution to this problem. If we find a solution, we will inform all the authors by email to let you change your abstract.

How do I change the details of my coauthors?

Ask your coauthors to sign in the interface and click on Your account link. Here they will be able to change their details.

How do I get my password to login?

If you have lost your password, you can always get a new password using the password recovery form.

Somebody is already registered with my email address, what should I do?

You should have received your password per email. Maybe it has been caught by the spam filter of your institution. You can always get a new password using the password recovery form.

Why am I not receiving any confirmation emails?

The emails are sent to the email address given in your account. Double check that you have your current email address registered.

It is also possible that your spam filter is filtering the emails sent to you by the system. Check your spam folder in your email client to see if this is the case. You can add a filter to your client to ensure that the emails sent by milos.bogataj@um.si are not considered as spam or junk emails.

How do I insert equations in my abstract?

To insert an equation in your abstract, you can use the LaTeX format.

An example abstract is provided when you submit your abstract showing how to use numbered equations and references.

I don't see the answer to my question here, what should I do?

Please contact us.

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